What People are Saying…

“The Scottsdale Professional Networking Association asked its member Diane Janovsky to  lead a team charged with redefining its mission, image and bylaws.

During the month of January 2010 Diane led SPNA brainstorming and strategy meetings.  She also coordinated the work of teams drafting ideas for membership, marketing, programs and bylaws.  It was through her efforts and insights that SPNA recognized that it had slowly changed into a “mastermind” business advisory roundtable.  Diane then guided members in rewriting its mission, vision, values, member criteria and expectations, goals and group objectives to reflect our new mission.

Diane’s style of leadership was friendly, inclusive and thoroughly professional.  She facilitated discussions that led to insights and action, encouraging all members to share ideas.  She organized a voting system that let members immediately judge the exact support for new language or proposals.  She coordinated and analyzed input from teams and meetings, then rewrote a working draft of the bylaws, saving SPNA several weeks of work.

Thanks to Diane the organization is now repositioned to better meet its membership challenges and grow during 2010.  We highly recommend Diane as a coach, change agent and facilitator for any business seeking growth and new clarity in its mission.”

Bill McElroy, President, Scottsdale Professional Networking Association

“Diane impressively managed all aspects of customer support for a $70M manufacturing facility closure, for which I served as Project Manager. In addition to ensuring that all 72 customers served by this facility saw zero service disruptions from the closure. Diane was also an integrated contributor to the project team’s planning and execution. While her technical skillset is outstanding, it was her collaborative leadership style that made her so effective on this project. Her ability to lead others through the multiple conflicting objectives of this high pressure assignment was an invaluable contribution to me and the entire team. At the project’s successful conclusion Diane was one of three people, out of more than 400 team members, recommended for recognition.” 

Carrie Kendrick, Sr. Project Manager, Manufacturing Transitions, Honeywell Aerospace

“As Director of Honeywell’s Global Material Services (GMS) Diane’s leadership turned around a struggling small business unit to improve on time deliveries, reduce cost, and improve margins. Diane had a keen ability to ask the appropriate pointed questions to insure the correct data was available to make the best business decisions. The improvements were realized at the same time as significant morale improvements were realized throughout the organization.” 

John Tomlinson, Program Manager – Customer and Product Support, Honeywell Aerospace

“Diane is a very skilled leader.  She has a great understanding of business, operations, management techniques and people skills. She was able to help me get trained, adapt quickly and integrate into the Phoenix CSR team without any problem in spite of the cultural and background differences (I was the only male and arriving from France). She quickly identified my strengths and weaknesses and exposed me to new things that allowed me to learn, perform and grow.  Diane’s coaching and guidance will be precious to any team going through changes. ” 

Frederic Baraness  EMEAI Customer Support Operations Leader, Honeywell Aerospace.